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The Webdepot's FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

Do you need me to visit you in person in order to have a website built?
No, we keep things simple, which means that we can design your website 'long distance' no matter where you live. Just email us your requirements, or phone us, and we will build your website and upload it onto the internet for you to review from the comfort of your own location. If you then want any further modifications, we will carry them out until you are happy with the final result. The whole process is quite straightforward and nothing to worry about.

What does 'Responsive' mean, and will it apply to my website?
'Responsive' means a website that changes its size depending on what sort of device is being used to view that website. All of our new websites will be made responsive, unless you specifically request it not be. Many of the websites on our gallery page were made non-responsive, but the first two, plus our own, and that of Vision Discos, are responsive.

Will my website be an exact copy of the style I choose from your Gallery page?
Not really, as the styles are more of a guide as to how your website will look. Although the basic structure will be the same, your website will be uniquely your own.

What is a 'domain name'?
A 'domain name' is your website's address on the internet. Without one, your website can't be found.

What are the different letters after a 'domain name' all about?
Each 'domain name' needs these Top Level Domains (TLD's) in order to function. Each country has it's own, but you can often buy those of other countries even if you don't live there. The common ones NZ uses are .co.nz and .net.nz

What is 'hosting'?
'Hosting' is the term used for where your website physically lives on the internet. In other words, the computer it is stored on, and operates from. Website hosting companies have large computers that contain thousands of websites.

How does my website get on a search engine such as Google?
Google usually finds websites through links to it on other websites, or by having the website's address added to its database manually. We will organise this, but it can sometimes take weeks for search engines to display your website, so you need to be patient. You can help speed things up by asking other websites to link back to your site, or by mentioning it on popular blogs and messageboards - if they permit that.

Do you offer website add-on's such as shopping carts, instant credit card processing, etc?
Website add-on's like those above all add extra cost to building and operating a website, so they are not part of the Webdepot package. If you require these add-on's, then Webdepot probably isn't what you are looking for.

If you have any further questions, just ask!
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