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The Webdepot Price Guide

What are the costs involved in getting a website online?
Once your business is online the annual cost is only $67.00 per year.

The initial costs involved in getting your business online are as follows:

First year's hosting fee for your website: FREE
Construction of your website: Once only cost of $174.00 (includes GST)
Registering your Domain Name, if you don't have one: $25.00 per year (includes GST).
Total initial costs: $199.00 (includes GST and domain name fee)
Any non-NZ domains, such as .com, need to be leased for 2 year minimum periods.

NOTE: Domain Names cannot be bought outright; you are only able to lease them. This is just the way the Internet operates.

Annual costs for subsequent years your website is online:

Hosting: $34.00 (per year, GST inclusive)
Domain Name renewal: $25.00 (per year, GST inclusive)
Total annual costs: $67.00

Minor changes to your website once it's online (adding or changing pictures or text), will be carried out for free. More detailed changes would need to be quoted on, but we will keep the cost as low as possible.

Payment of Webdepot fees and charges:
Payments can be made by direct deposit into our bank account.
A deposit of 40% is required before work can begin, with the balance payable on completion.

The Webdepot specialises in building 'brochure' style websites only. If you require the expensive extras such as shopping carts, instant credit card processing, etc, then The Webdepot probably isn't for you.
If website hosting fees and/or domain name fees are not paid again once they expire, your website will no longer function, so it's important you don't let this happen.

If you want to remove your website from the internet before it expires, only the remainder of your hosting fee can be refunded, as the domain name fees are kept by the company it was registered through (not by us, as Domain Name Registrar companies are separate entities operating outside our control)

The Webdepot - simple, inexpensive design.
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