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Are you after a professional-looking logo for your business, club, group, or other organization? Are you put off by the high prices being asked for by logo designers? If so, we can have a professional-looking logo designed for you for the amazingly low price of only $33.90!

Now, you may have seen people offering to do logos for less, but you probably won't be getting the same quality as what we are offering. The few dollars you may save on a cheaper logo won't get you the great result you are looking for!

So, what are we offering?

Up to three preliminary designs will be created using your specifications. You then choose the one you like the most, and we will modify it until it looks just the way you want it to look. Once you are happy with the final design, you will be supplied with copies of it in any format you want, such as jpg, png, psd, raw file or pdf. If you don't know which formats you need, just ask your printer, website designer, or whoever else is going to be using your logo, just which formats they need.

NOTE: In order to get the preliminary designs as close as possible to what you are looking for, we will send you a brief list of questions to answer concerning all aspects around the design process. Don't worry, they are straightforward questions only, but they will give us a better idea of what is required.

Also, if you have a logo you like the look of, send it to us and we'll create something similar, or, just choose a style from the link below and we'll create something like it, instead.

Now for the fine print:
Due to our low fee, payment in advance is required.
Once work begins on your logo, the fee becomes non-refundable.
A maximum of THREE initial designs will be created for you to choose from.
Once work has begun on modifying your chosen design, you can't switch to one of the other designs.
You can ask for a number of free modifications to your chosen design before final sign-off, but the number must be reasonable, and not involve a major re-design of the whole logo. Adding or removing elements, or changing colours, fonts, etc, are the sort of modifications that are acceptable.
Once the design has been finalized and accepted by you, you can have further modifications done to it, but there will be an additional cost to do so.
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